Retail Vending Services - Benefits

Retailer Vending Benefits....

VP Solutions can find or recommend vending options which enables floor space to generate new and additional revenue streams. By understanding the retailer’s core offering and customer base and demographics, an ideal solution can always be found.
  • Commonly, multiple solutions can be offered which are frequently adopted in order to maximise revenues.
  • The consultation, installation and management of the vending solution is supplied free of charge, thereby representing no risk for the retailer.
  • VP Solutions currently works with a number blue chip retailers where a number of vending solutions have been recommended and adopted.

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Supplier Vending Benefits.....

VP Solutions can be your external sales team, or compliment your existing resources to ensure that your business grows. With our wealth of experience and by working together, VP Solutions will help gain additional quality sites for your products and machines.
  • VP Solutions also has the expertise to open up European markets for vending suppliers and brand owners by sourcing and working with foreign distributors who currently have major vending operations in their home country.
  • VP Solutions has a track record of working with major UK consumer brands to create a new market by way of selling their products through a vending machine. This gives the brand a number of benefits including additional consumer exposure, additional points of sale at the time of purchase and product volume.
  • As VP Solutions works with it's client, the supplier can be ideally placed to install one or more products in a viable site, thereby maximising the site's worth.
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